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Weeva helps you create a beautiful anniversary gift book filled with stories and memories collected from friends and family using our simple online platform.

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Everyone Adds Their Own Stories

The core of Weeva is a collection of stories and pictures contributed by people who have been invited. Books on Weeva are private, meaning the stories they contain can only be seen by those who have been specifically invited to participate.

Have A Beautiful Gift Book Made

Weeva books are elegant and modern, and best of all, we make them for you. Each book we create is checked by hand to ensure the highest level of quality. When it comes to preserving your most precious memories, there’s no room for error.

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Jim Bledsoe

Anniversary Gift

“Using Weeva, my family was able to quickly and easily create a book for my parents 60th anniversary. The story that emerged from everyone’s contributions of a life full of love was the most precious gift we could have ever imagined.”

Capture The Stories Of A Lifetime Of Love

Over their years together a couple share so many experiences and touch so many lives. Couples are often unaware of the amazing impact their example of commitment has had on those around them. Weeva helps you capture all these stories of love and laughter from friends and family in celebration of an anniversary.

Using our simple and intuitive online tools, you can start a Weeva bok - a private collection of stories - in just a few clicks. Easily invite others to read and contribute and your book quickly fills with rich and vibrant tales full of love. Presenting a couple with such a personal and beautiful collection of stories as they celebrate their anniversary is truly a gift of love.

The Perfect Anniversary Gift

There is no better way to honor and celebrate a major anniversary milestone than by letting the couple know just how their love and life together has affected and inspired those around them.

Weeva makes it possible for everyone to add their voice and share their best wishes, memories and favorite stories through our easy and interactive online services. These contributions are then beautifully collected and presented in a unique and beautiful book that will be a gift the celebrating couple can enjoy for years.

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