My love for Labyrinth

How I was introduced to the music of David Bowie. It started with Labyrinth. I was at my cousins house and we were watching Labyrinth. I remember loving the music from the film. My cousin says you don't know David Bowie. I replied no. From there I was hooked. I remember going to the grocery store and I bought several of his cassette tapes older ones and I was hooked. I was raised in a very strict household and I remember he was coming to do a concert in Seattle Washington The Sound And Vision Tour I really wanted to go the only way I could go I had to take my drama teacher I paid for her ticket so she would take me. I will never forget that. I also met some life long friends because of David Bowie. A friend in mind I met through another friend we would talk for hours on the phone about David Bowie and Labyrinth The day and age where we didn't have youtube or e-mail I remember when we wanted one of use to hear a song from him we liked we use to put the phone to the speaker and have one of us listen to it that way. Great times because of him and his music. Now my children also love his music and the movie Labyrinth. I will never forget what his music and his movie Labyrinth has done for me. He will forever be missed.

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