you are my hero. my inspiration. my adopted father. my light in the dark. the only person that can change my life. the only person that makes me think. the most interesting man in the world. your music is the soundtrack to my life. words will never be able to convey the impact you have had on my soul. words will never be able to capture the gratitude i have that you were able to walk this earth, leave such a huge impact on people's minds, and keep me alive when i thought i had died. you lit a fire within me that will never fade. you have consumed my art, music, and every empty space in my mind. everything i do, i do for you. everything i will become is because of you. through every phase in my life, there is a bowie phase that relates to me, grieves with me, and inspires me to reach new heights. you make me believe that it's okay to be my true self, and it's okay that i change who i am all the time. my world came crashing down when i heard the news, but then i realized you went out in the most perfect way... the best way a person can leave the earth. blackstar was the only album i could listen to for a while because it calmed me and reassured me that this is what you knew was inevitable. i was just able to listen to your older albums last week... i'm still healing. but truth is, you're still here in all of us. your music is still here. you're in space fulfilling your starman duties. and that's okay with me. don't be afraid to come back and blow our minds.
i love you. i miss you.

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