Everyone says hi

I have a lot to thank David Bowie for, all my family love his music and growing up it filled the house on a regular basis. From my dad singing "Space Oddity" in the bath - and getting the words wrong! To my bro dancing round the kitchen with my mum to "Let's Dance!" My mum was a huge Bowie fan and the driving force behind his music being on the stereo all the time. I grew up knowing his late '60's and '70's stuff. We all have our favorite songs in the family, obviously my dad's is "Space Oddity" (he still gets the words wrong!) my mum's "Life on Mars," my brother loved "Boys keep Swinging" and my favourite is "Queen Bitch."
However what makes David Bowie more important for me at the moment, is my brothers suicide back in 2013. You see in 2013 Mr Bowie had an excellent exhibition at the V&A in London. Being a member of the V&A I could visit whenever I wanted, as many times as I liked. Well this was a fantastic opportunity to get my money's worth. My brother and I were very different and as such we rarely shared the samemail hobbies. However when it came to David Bowie we were in total agreement about his genius. We visited the exhibition loads of times and loved every minute. Drinking in the amazing world and tremendously talented mind of this fascinating genius was fabulous. I had a ball as did my bro. Julian suffered with Depression and would often lie about he felt on a daily basis. It was very hard to know from one day to the next, if he was as ok as he said. However, visiting this exhibition with him, it was obvious he was having as good a time as me. I went with my mum as many times as my brother and she adored it too. We all did. David Bowie's music provokes so many memories for me I could write a book!
My brother killed himself in the summer of 2013, those memories of the time we spent together at "David Bowie IS..." at the V&A are very important to me and my mum. I still find it hard to listen to "Boys Keep Swinging" I see my brothers face at the V&A when he saw the video for the first time. He thought it was so funny the way David Bowie danced (not at his dancing, just the way he was dancing.)
So thank you Mr Bowie for the happy memories and the fantastic music. Your legacy is so very appreciated that I thank you every day. There are so many smiles it provokes for me.
I really think he is an icon that will never die. His music and is life is so important to us that he'll live on forever to become a legend.
Thank you xx

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