within you

As a 50 year old, David Bowie was always part of the background music in my life. My first Bowie 45 was Changes, I enjoyed a lot of his music and always tried to see his movies, but he wasn't an obsession, until now, when it is very late in the day. I had posted on facebook about his birthday, and a few days later, woke to the news that he was gone. I immediately stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, and was astonished to feel tears slipping down my face. Since that day, I have immersed myself in Bowieana; I find I can't sleep without his music playing. I have also come to the realization that the bands I obsessed over as a teenager (KISS and Prince) would never have been accepted without Ziggy/Aladdin paving the way. So thank you, Starman, and please forgive me for not truly appreciating you before you left. I took you for granted, and for that, I am so sorry. You will always be the Goblin King within me. David Jones has left us...but David Bowie Is...eternal.
Kat Eichacker

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