Nothing shook me one morning , the sudden death of the great David Bowie. Surprise for me. Not for himself , or the environment . Surprise for millions of people who, like me , knew not decipher his message. David Bowie spoke to us and did not know how to read between the lines , he said goodbye to us helplessly in pain , wanting to still being with us . We filled us with metaphors that we failed to see.
Bowie 's departure was filled with symbolism , message we left to stay longer with us , alchemist of our minds ... wonderful and beautiful , always equal in diversity caused by the passage of the years, experiences, maturity ... but always our David, that of The Hunger , gorgeous film that today nobody seems to remember , crazy man dancing in the streets with the wonderful Jagger ... thinking about life on Mars, multifaceted , talented, full on their way to the point I'm sure of it- back to some form of life when we listen to him , when we try to decipher their messages, when we think about him , when we want and still yearn for the inheritance left us.
Many great artists are gone. Very few have whispered in our ear . Very few try to understand .
See you somewhere, one day, sweet Starman ! While I will miss you hearing your music I love.

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