One of my favorite stars in the sky

David was the first legend my mom showed to me when I had turned fourteen or fifteen years old. When I first saw Labyrinth with her she told me “His voice is so magical. It takes you to distant places, it fills you with peace”. And from that moment, in which the eyes of my mother filled with tears of joy, I fell for him like any other child; hungered and enlightened by the discovery of a star.
He made me feel accepted, even though I’m not a “rejected” person, but in his music, I feel a company and understanding that one can not often find.
His voice and way of being are unique and precious things, I know that every person who knew him realized the warmth and spark he had.
His voice has an electrical feeling that charges my soul, and when I heard the news that he departed I spent the day in shock knowing that a part of me died too. But I’m trying to reach the conclusion that, as life, death’s only another phase we must confront. And after we pass away we find ourselves traveling to the next phase.

I lost my father when I was eleven years old, and I never knew him because he was mentally ill for a long time, and during my entire life, he was a walking vegetable. I guess I’m trying to say that I know the pain of losing a father at a young age, but I’m also trying to say to all of you that you had a wonderful, healthy, great, and loving man. You had a husband that helped you, that was romantic, that supported you in your weakest times. You had a father that hugged you and told you how beautiful you are, and a dad that was right there for each and every one of you. Please realize this and don’t be so sad, because you have all your memories, photos and the legacy of this man that you will remember for the rest of your life. Remember just how INCREDIBLE David IS, and know for sure that he and his legacy will NEVER go away.

With eternal love to Iman, Alexandria and Duncan.

P.S: You can go outside, close your eyes, make a wish for him and look up to the sky. After all, we all are a star to someone.

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