Wild is the wind

When I was 8yrs old I saw Bowie in Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, quite a film for a young one but it was like opening a door and from that moment I knew Bowie would be a huge influence in my life. Once I had found out he was a "rock star" and listened to my first album (Ziggy, the Rise & Fall) I knew I had to see him live! In 1986 he toured with Glass Spiders, I was 13 (just) and desperate to see my idol. I cut the ticket advert out of the newspaper and emplored my parents to take me, but they both felt I was too young. I fell silent and never mentioned it again because I knew I WOULD be there. I saved my money and traveled on the bus to buy my ticket and coach from a tour operator in Maidstone, a good hour away from my home. Ticket in hand, I counted down the days, this was so unlike me! I was a model child, caring, hard working, well behaved - but I just knew deep inside me "everything was going to be ok". The day of the concert came and packed my bag for a "sleep over at a friends" the game was on. I caught the bus to Canterbury to get the coach and headed off to Wembly Stadium. When I arrived I can remember thinking "it's not too big", how wrong was I as I walked into the flat through the rear of the stadium with the giant glass spider in front of my, this 13yr old had a wobble. But, it didn't last long swept along with the running crowd I made my way as far towards the front as I could. It was hot, and I was hungry and thirsty. The swell of the crowd was a bit scary and I could feel this sense of panic and distress rising. OMG, what have I done??!! But then it happened "shut up" belowed from the belly of the beast and the connection was made. The connection between me and Bowie which has meant that I have lived my life doing my thing, my way safe in the knowledge that it was OK to be me, to be different, to stand apart. Bowie gave me that, and I will be forever thankful ?????????? I can achieve anything because of him - thank you for sharing him with us. My family never knew (despite having the programme). I had pulled off my greatest moment. I did tell them a few years ago, they forgave me Sjx

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