my dad, Bowie & me

I have so many wonderful stories pertaining to Bowie and for that I'm forever grateful.

When his Diamond Dogs tour came to the Universal Amphitheater in LA - I really wanted to go to that concert. Since I was only 15 my Mom quickly put the kibosh on that idea. I was crushed and very, very sad...

Thank goodness my Mom got tired of me moping around the house and decided I could go to the concert!! Sweet! The only stipulation was that I had to go with my Dad. Whaaaat? A 15 year old going to her first concert with her Dad? Of course I accepted those terms.

The show was fantastic!
I was in awe.
It was everything I ever dreamed of.

There was nothing embarrassing about it. How lucky was I? A loving father making his 15 year old daughter extremely happy by taking her to her first concert which happened to be David Bowie. Happy was I.

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