The Death of my life long hero bought my brother and i back together after 9 years of not speaking

Since the age of 7 i have loved David Bowie's music.I got into his music through my brother as a young 7 year old I shared a bedroom with my elder brother who is 9 years older than me.He was a massive fan our bedroom was covered in his posters Bowie was always playing on the record player so as a young boy I grew to love his music also.All my life I have loved him his music and his acting I have all his studio albums his dvd's etc.To cut a long story short.In 2006 my brother and I fell out and stopped talking until Monday 11th January 2016.
That morning at about 6.00 am I had a text from my best mate,I thought what the hell's that at this time of morning I grabbed my phone and the text said "have you seen the news" I replied back" no what"
Then I got another text Bowie's dead.I jumped out of bed shouting no no no my wife said what's wrong I just ran downstairs put the news on and I just could not believe it honest now I just cried and cried like when my mother died 10 years ago.
Imsat all day watching the news and sobbing.Later in the evening I kept thinking about my brother he was the one who got me into him.I went to text him and something in my head said no so I put the phone down and didn't bother.As I placed the phone on the table I got a message from Facebook messenger it said what a sad day today we have lost our hero I looked who it was from it was my brother Martin who I hadn't spoken to for 9 years I couldn't believe it.We talked on messaged and we also met up and he came round mine for dinner weeks after.We now sit together at weekends and remember your husband he was the best a lovely kind man.Witty and funny.I know it's hard but one thing is true time is a healer.
Thank you for such a great man please take care love to Lexi and Duncan and you Iman xxxxx
Craig Purves England Berkshire

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