My life with David Bowie

It is 1971, I am 15 years old!
In my hand I have a little transistor radio and this noise/sound/music comes out of it!
I am intrigued, enthralled, stunned, but happy!
Who and what am I listening too?
It is announced that it is a young artist called Daviv Bowie!
I am hooked!
So started my lifelong love of the enigma that is/was/will always be, David (Robert Jones ) Bowie!
My father was a gentlemans hairdresser, so I had always had fairly short hair!
I grew a bit of length to my hair and had the spike and dye done!
Yes, you all know what I mean!
Father was not amused! Friends were stunned! School were livid!
It lasted a few weeks but, due to job hunting, it had to go!
So, after all these years, I have grown served my country, married, had children, and grandchildren, and Bowie has been my one constant!
I was 60 on January 12th this year, (2016) and my children treated me to a long weekend in The Irish Republic with my wife of 40 years!
We attended the inaugural Dublin Bowie Weekend!
What a fantastic city and a brilliant weekend, made extra special by the tribute band, Rebel Rebel, based in Dublin, and the guest appearance of the great Gerry Leonard!
We rocked and reminisced until midnight on the 10th?
Went to the hotel and bed very very contented!
8am, Monday 11th January and the news headlines read " The artist David Bowie has died after a long battle with cancer "!
The end of an era!
No, David may no longer be with us, but he will on forever in his music, his art, his acting, his life!
Thank you David for being Bowie!
Hopefully Iman, Duncan and Lexi can take strength from his legacy and the love that is felt for him worldwide!
Is there life on Mars?
There is now!
Mick Bull

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