On January the 10th I woke up. I had the sense that something bad had happened. Then my mom broke the news to me- my dear David had died. I felt like a part of my heart had been broken into millions of pieces. Just as brightly as I remember his death, I remember the first day I started listening to that unique, mesmerizing and temendously talanted man called David Bowie. I am 14 years old and I am looking at pictures of him- strange, wonderful, unknown inspiring. He had just released his latest then album- The next day. I am blasting Low on maximum volume that same day. "What is that music?!"- I say, - "It is nothing like I have heard before." For a year a searched all the info I can on him and listened to almost every album.
To sum up, David made me look profoundly at things, but still not to take things too seriously. I started acknowlidging the fact that music is my friend, that David is my friend- I discovered new music but with that I opened to so much more. . But what gave most of hope was the fact that he was somewhere, we were walking the same earth, we were breathing the same air. He was my precious hero and he always will be. I will treasure all the good moments I had thanks to him, the great talks and etc. I will do things he would approve. I will not let his legacy die.
Dear Iman, Duncan and Lexi- I am sorry for your sorrow, I hope you can all wake up one day and feel better than this. I am thinking of you everyday, hoping for you to cope as much as you can.
Sending a big hug over the ocean.
•Maria-Magdalena Stoyanova, Bulgaria, 17 years old

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