You moved the stars for me

I first discovered David Bowie when I saw The Labyrinth in elementary school. I was in love instantly; I was in love with the story, the characters, the world and, most of all, the music. I’d never heard anything like it and I wanted more. I needed to get my hands on as much as I could find. It inspired me and suddenly I felt the need to write, draw and channel those feelings into any medium I could think of.
In middle school, there was a girl in my group of friends that I kept clashing with, and I thought we would never get along. One day, we started taking about music, and David Bowie came up. What followed was a conversation that changed our entire perceptions of each other. We’ve been best friends now for nearly twenty years.
His passing devastated me and left a hole in my heart. I’ll be eternally grateful to the man who not only helped me discover myself but my best friend and my passions. The Man Who Sold the World opened mine up and made me who I am today.

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