I can't give everything away

Without David's tremendous effort to record Blackstar and to create the stage play Lazarus, I may not have been here anymore. At one point back in October or November I literally thought "I want to hear his new album yet". So I owe him a bit. Quite a bit. Played Blackstar throughout that night from Thursday to Friday and throughout that weekend, astonished by it's purity, honesty, energy, fun and sheer brilliance. How his voice sounded better than ever. All the while suppressing thoughts like "I hope this doesn't mean...", having seen the video's too. It did mean that. It meant exactly that. As it turned out after that weekend, when suddenly the day, the world, everything that ever seemed to matter, and everything unimportant, was gone. Where the f*ck did it all go?
But it didn't mean just that. It also meant this was an incredible, incomprehensible, warm, loving, love letter. To life. To his listeners. To the ones he loved. To me. And I thank him, for giving me a reason to stay. And will always thank him. And the ones he loved, who loved him, for being there for and with him.

Bye bye, love, bye bye, we love you.

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