Where are You Now?

Thank you, David Bowie!
I hope, you are „in heaven now“.
If there is such a thing like „heaven“, you are there, I am sure.

Bowie and me.
I grew up with the knowledge that someone called „David Bowie“ was around. I always liked some of his music, but I was not a real fan. This changed at September 22nd 2002 in Berlin, when I finally went to see him live. When he entered stage it totally blew me away!
Just in a few months everything changed. I became I a member of Bowienet and got to know people from all over the world and went to see Bowieshows in whole Europe. And he also was an inspiration for my own creative work.
His music went directly into my heart and made me feel better in hard times. And he teached me a lot because of his bright mind, his sense of humour, his knowledge.
He teached the world.
And he got better and better with age. It was just good to know „he is there“ - somewhere on the planet.
When he released „Where are we now“ in 2013 it was so unexpected and overwhelming. But for me it had a special dimension. My mother died in April 2013 from cancer. So these were her last months. And I was taking care for her in this time and I felt a bit overstrained. „Where are we now“ was my solace. I listenend to it in an endless loop at nights in my bed, when Mom was sleeping. Where are we now, where do we go...
The whole world is changing, when someone we love is passing.

So all I can do now is sending my best wishes and prayers to his family, who now lost a loved one.

Barbara Streun,

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