Weeva: Keeping Your Memories Safe and Sound

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By Emma C, Guest Blogger, Age 15.

I recently stumbled upon the Weeva website and I was immediately taken in, because I love a good story, especially the stories from my own life. And what’s better than an old memory? Although it’s unfortunate, over time we forget many of our memories. Yes, we may have scrapbooks, journals, and pictures on our phones, but (except for the photos) these are rarely shared, and rarely tell the full story. I might see an old photo, and remember the event but not really anything specific behind it. Weeva helps me weave my memories back together with the help of family and friends.

For example, one of my favorite memories from when I was a cheerleader was one of our football games when the game went into overtime. We were tired, and worn out from two hours of cheering. When we finally won the game, all of us ran out onto the field to congratulate the players. Usually we wait until the players are off the field, but it was such a fantastic game that we were all so excited. It was one of my favorite games, and I know all the other cheerleaders remember that game, too. On Weeva, we could all share that memory and write our different versions of it. Slowly bringing that game back to life.

Don’t Lose Your Precious Memories

Weeva opens a whole new door for our stories, whether it’s a trip you went on, or a wedding, or a birthday. With family and friends, you can tell any story and collect all of your favorite memories. Weeva’s books help you share life lessons, a sweet love story, a journey of triumph or despair; basically your life story. When we share stories, everyone can learn from them, and then we don’t have to worry about forgetting them.

It has been a tradition in my family to give a book of blessings to my sisters and me on our 13th birthdays. My parents would ask our closest friends to write us a note, poem, or even just a simple quote that will give us some wisdom on the years ahead of us as teenagers. Just on Sunday, we celebrated my youngest sister’s 13th birthday where we created that book for the last time. As my sister was flipping through her book, I realized that if we’d known about Weeva during the previous years, the process would’ve been easier. We could’ve easily connected to people, had them write their letters in our private Weeva tapestry, and then gotten Weeva to design the book for us. I also realized how useful Weeva was for almost any occasion, or no occasion at all. Just a way to collect our memories when they’re freshest.

Keep Your Memories Safe and Sound

I’m so blessed that my mom was able to collect all her memories in scrapbooks and photo books because I love to look at them. But I wish I knew the stories behind the photos. Because if we lose those memories, nobody will ever hear the great stories we have all shared. Weeva offers us something that not many things do. If we work together, we can write down the memories we have and bring them back to life. Bringing family and friends together to recall the best of times and know that those memories are safe and sound in a book would make me happy. And in the end, whenever it’s a bad day, I could always open up the books and relive some of my happiest times.