Meet The Weeva Team: Tuscan Knox

It’s team time! Today we’ll introduce you to Tuscan – Co-Founder and Tech Wiz Extraordinaire (I made that up to make him twitch) We love our team and believe that trust is earned. You share a lot of private moments on Weeva, so we want to share some private moments with you, which is not that easy with a team that’s mostly introverted!

Tuscan Knox – Co-Founder and Chief Grumpypants

We are glad he has an outstanding sense of humor… which is important when you work in a small team, often remote, with a lot of tasks on your plate. We all help each other with in one way or another, but each of us in an expert in one or two areas, and we couldn’t be more grateful for his expertise!
You’ll recognize quickly that he is a man of few words – a trait I admire. Since he is a down to the point, no nonsense kinda guy, I’ll take the liberty to post his Q&A as it was written with added commentary by me.


Formal titles are a bit useless in such a small team, but basically, I oversee technology, product, design, and operations. Favorite part? Doing a little bit of everything. Least favorite part? Doing a little bit of everything.
Formal title: Chief Grumpypants and we love him! 


It’s made me much more aware of how I really need to stop focusing on trying to take the perfect picture and spend more time directly engaging in family experiences and taking the time to write it down. Stories with mediocre pictures are still better than amazing pictures with no story.
Nothing to add here.


Wait 30 years and they’ll be even better.
Oh, the things you’ll have forgotten.. 


Given the ubiquity of decent cameras in our phones, I definitely think the emphasis shifts to stories. Most likely, you’ll have pictures, without even thinking much about it. But stories you still have to focus on and take the time to preserve them.
Check out his story about Duncan – The family cat 

Isn’t he adorable? Yes, the cat, of course!

This is Duncan. The cat. He was the most awesomest cat in the world and I don’t remember him at all. I know he was awesome because, I mean, just look at this picture…. I was also told that Duncan was hit by a car and walked it off. Maybe that’s why he dealt with kids so well, clearly, he was tough as nails. Anyway, according to my mother, Duncan liked to sit on the table of my high-chair like this all the time. I’m not entirely sure what was in it for him, but it made me exceedingly happy. I would smash my face into his fluffy fur and rub it around, then sit up and laugh uproariously – which is the moment you see here – and then do it all over again. Unfortunately, he retired to kitty heaven before my memories began sticking around, but I’m pretty sure Duncan is the real reason why I’ve always loved cats.


I’d make one for my family about cooking. Because you spend your entire life eating so you better know how to do it well.
Tuscan cooks – we’ve seen the pictures and videos. We envy just a little bit. 


A bottomless bowl of chocolate mousse at a café in Paris.
That sounds delicious!


My parents. They’re pretty badass.


My cat, Cat. My kids will proudly inform all visitors that she will tear their face off, but she really just loves to snuggle.
We all love cats. It wouldn’t be the first time that a cat snuggled up with someone during a team meeting. 


None of this information will get you into my bank account.
So… humor? Sarcasm? Cynical? 


Coffee. Black.
That’s right – we don’t play. What he forgot to mention is the cool trip to Costa Rica to check out coffee beans – yeah that’s how coffee obsessed we are. 


Pretty much anything that’s not R&B, Country, or Elevator Music.
That’s a lie – he LOVES elevator music. We play it all the time, just for him. 😉


Too many.
While that is true, I followed up because he reads and loves them as much as the rest of the team does.. so here is his unofficial list, in no particular order.

Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely
Dune by Frank Herbert
Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
All The King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren



Been and loved: Prague. Want to go: Lisbon.
I can second Prague – been there, it’s beautiful. 


“Use the Force, Harry.” – Gandalf
Twitch – that’s all we will say. 


My wife says I’m fluent in Bullshit, but she might be referring to my passable knowledge of French.
Well – usually the wife is right but we can verify the French 😉 

What he didn’t mention is how awesome he really is, but I guess that would be tooting your own horn, and he is definitely not known for that. Everyone on our team is grateful to work with him on a regular basis and we truly value his feedback and ideas that range from marketing to team management.

Well, that’s it, folks! 😀 We hope you love this post as much as we do. We definitely laughed writing it. In a small team that works remote, humor is super important, so is efficiency and teamwork. And cats. Always cats. Stay tuned to find out who else has cats or humor on the Weeva team!