Meet The Team: Lisa Wyatt Roe

It’s Team Tuesday Time!

Today we are excited to introduce you to Lisa Wyatt Roe, our fantastic editor and Austin music aficionado! We are beyond blessed to have her on the team and appreciate her insight and love for the Austin music scene. Make sure to read to the end, Lisa has some interesting tidbits in her Q&A with us <3

What is your position at Weeva and what’s your favorite part of your job and why?

I began working with Weeva as the editor of “Seduced by Sound: Austin, 100 Musicians on Why They Make Music” – a dream project for a music fan like me! I also manage the “Seduced by Sound” Facebook page, edit other Weeva books, and write marketing materials. I love the variety and working with a team of smart, dedicated and fun people.

At Weeva, we work a lot with pictures, stories, and memories – how has that changed your perception in terms of creating and preserving memories?

Preserving memories is on my mind quite a bit now because my mother has Alzheimer’s. She was the family genealogist and had written down so many stories that would have been lost to our family. Now my brother and I are working on getting those stories, photos and family trees in one place so we can share them with our children.

If you could tell our customers what the best part of a Weeva book is, what would that be?

The best part is that collecting the photos, letters and other meaningful material is a group effort. The work doesn’t fall to just one person. It’s also fun for the person who starts the book to see what other people find meaningful and to read stories they never even knew.

Pictures vs. Stories.. or both?

Both! As a writer, I want to hear people tell stories in their own voices, but I also want to see photos of the people or events they’re writing about. Photos can make a book beautiful as well as interesting.

If you could only make one Weeva book, who would it be for, about, and why?

I would like to work with my cousins to create a book of memories about our grandmother and my aunts. My grandmother has passed, and my aunts are getting older, so I want to capture their stories now. I don’t get to see my cousins often, but when I do I always hear a new family story. Sometimes my cousins will remind me of something I said or did that I’d forgotten, which is fun. Our whole family would love it.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

My grandparents had a cabin at Possum Kingdom Lake. As a child, I spent nearly every weekend of the summer there. My grandfather taught me to fish. My aunts taught me to water ski. My grandmother made homemade ice cream. (We kids thought cranking the handle on the ice cream maker was fun until we figured out it was actually “work.”) My brother, our cousins and I mostly just ran around and played and went swimming. Those are some of my very best memories.

Lisa and her grandma

That’s me, probably age 2, with my grandmother and my granddad’s boat. I remember bumpy boat rides heading out to water ski with my granddad or to check his trotlines, which he put in before Possum Kingdom was actually full. There are two smells I associate with the lake: Coppertone suntan lotion and a blood bait called Catfish Charlie. One is a happy memory. The other is not. I’m sure you can figure out which is which.

Who is/was the biggest inspiration in your life?

My grandmother, whom I called Monya. She was very loving but did not put up with any foolishness. She made sure my brother and I had school clothes and supplies and a college education. She always told us, “An education is something no one can take away from you.” Like many Texans of her generation, she picked cotton as a child and wasn’t able to go to high school. She worked hard physically, and when my grandfather became a successful builder, she ran the company. She could be very direct and honest, which made for some pretty funny statements. When she got older and didn’t leave her home often, she read the newspaper front-to-back every day. I loved talking about politics and current events with her. I can only aspire to be a strong as she was.

Favorite pet?

Our dog, Jake, thinks he’s a guard dog, but he’s actually very sweet. We got him from Austin Pets Alive. He follows my son everywhere, I think because he feels like it’s his job to protect him. He comes to me for pets and scratches. He has very expressive eyes, and you can tell when he knows he’s done something wrong.

Tell us something unique about you?

I went to high school in Iran for my freshman and sophomore years in 1976-78. It was right before the revolution – a fascinating time to be there. I went to an international school, so I had friends from all over the world. (Reconnecting with them is one of the reasons I love Facebook!) Living abroad expanded my understanding of the world quite a bit beyond Ft. Worth, Texas.

Tea or Coffee?

Tea! I consider it a testament of love for my husband that I buy coffee beans and grind them at the store because I really hate the smell.

Favorite music?

I’m a huge music fan so, like the musicians in “Seduced by Sound,” it’s impossible to pick just one type. Right now, I listen to a lot of garage rock (the Animals, the Kinks), as well as late 70s/80s artists such as Patti Smith, the Clash, Talking Heads, Elvis Costello. My teens are constantly introducing me to new bands, which is (mostly) fun. I’ve also discovered several bands in “Seduced by Sound” that I plan to see.

While we are on the topic of music – check out Lisa at the Continental Club in Austin and her favorite memory about going!

continental club, continental club austin, austin continental club,
Lisa at the Continental Club in Austin, Texas

I’ve been going to the Continental Club since the early 80s. I call it the Greatest Club in All the Land; it really is my favorite place to see bands. Some memorable shows have included Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Wanda Jackson, James Burton, El Vez and Junior Brown. Favorite local bands who play the Continental now are Jon Dee Graham and the Fighting Cocks (actually, any band with Jon Dee in it), the Leroi Brothers and Churchwood, Probably my favorite Continental experience was watching David Pulkingham play guitar with Alejandro Escovedo at many a Tuesday night showcase. And Alejandro’s post-SXSW Sunday extravaganzas were always fantastic. (I got to say hello to Lenny Kaye!)

Favorite books?

Hands down, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Every word is perfect.

A place you’ve been and loved and a place you want to visit and why?

I love to travel! My favorite places on Earth are Britain and Ireland, especially the “wild places” like the Isle of Skye and Donegal. I love the green and rocky hills sweeping down to the sea and feeling blasts of wind. It makes me feel peaceful. I also love the sense of humor there, which makes it fun to just hang out and talk to people in pubs. Nearly all of my ancestors came to America from there, so maybe that’s part of it, too.

A place I want to go is Iceland. It looks so wild and beautiful, with the most amazing natural features. We do a lot of hiking, camping, and outdoor activities as a family, so it seems like a perfect place to be outside. But only in summer!

Favorite quote?

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Speak any other languages?

Not anymore, which I’m a bit ashamed about. I used to speak French fairly well, but I really struggled the last time I was in Paris. I know basic words in Spanish. This may not be a good thing, but I can still remember some curse words in Farsi. (That’s the first thing any teenager wants to learn in a foreign country, right?)

We loved learning more about Lisa and sharing it with you, of course! We had no idea about her time in Iran – what a cool and unique story! We have 2 team members that speak French, we have one that speaks Spanish, and German. If you’re wondering what else is unique about our team, stay tuned for more or read about Kim, Tuscan, and Deanna!