Meet The Team: Hayley Irvin

Team time Tuesday, y’all! But first: Who’s at SXSW this week? Because we are, and you can totally meet some of our team and the fantastic Austin artists that were featured in our Austin Music & Culture book:

Seduced By Sound: Austin 

You can get all the details about the event at the Townsend on Wednesday, March 15th on the Seduced By Sound: Austin Facebook. We also have a panel coming up where our CEO Kimberly Gorsuch-Bradbury discusses collaborative storytelling in a business world – we can’t wait and will definitely share live video, behind the scenes moments and maybe even a blog about it all. But enough about all that. Today is about our wonderful and most recent team addition:

Hayley Irvin – Lead Editor & Community Support Specialist

We are so thrilled to have Hayley on the team and love her dedication to words, grammar, and our mission. You see, Hayley and our Community Manager Deanna used to work together. And as luck would have it, when we needed an editor, Hayley was looking for an editing position, introductions were made and as you can see, it was a match! But that’s not all she does 🙂 Because we really work well together, she helps out on the customer front whenever demand is high and thanks to her brilliant internet ninja skills, she also helps out with research for the team. So in a way, she’s like a Swiss army knife and we appreciate all of her hard work and skill ;). Now on to the fun things – Hayley’s Q&A:

What is your position at Weeva and what’s your favorite part of your job and why?

I’m the Lead Editor and Community Support Specialist here at Weeva. My favorite part of my job is helping people put their memories and recollections into writing, using pictures to help tell their stories. Hearing about other people’s lives and loved ones has totally changed my perspective on my own life and relationships.

At Weeva, we work a lot with pictures, stories, and memories – how has that changed your perception in terms of creating and preserving memories?

Working here has deepened my appreciation for my own family history – pouring over old photos, learning family stories and secrets I’ve never heard before. Rather than suffering through my grandfather’s old stories like I did when I was a kid, I now seek them out. What are some of his favorite memories from is childhood? What did he do for fun when he was a teenager? Who were his friends? How did he meet my grandmother? I have a thousand questions and more and am so grateful that he’s here to answer them. I’ve been keeping personal journals for 6-7 years now – I think they will be wonderful, irreplaceable mementos for the future, a picture of myself when I was young and full of questions. I only wish I had more pictures to accompany all the stories in my books.

If you could tell our customers what the best part of a Weeva book is what would that be?

Receiving it! After spending so much time putting together stories and photos, it’s awesome to finally hold the finished product in your hand. Crowding around it with friends and family, feeling the weight of the book in your hands, turning the thick pages, reminiscing over old photos, and laughing at stories that you might have never heard before – it’s all incredibly fun and rewarding, especially if you’re giving the book as a gift to someone else.

Pictures or stories, or both?

Both! Stories provide the context that pictures lack, and pictures are the proof that it happened.

If you could only make one Weeva book, who would it be for, about, and why?

My grandfather. He’s interested in genealogy and has spent years researching our family history, combing through old censuses and tax documents and birth certificates to learn about our ancestors. I would want to make a book that included all his research and told the story of our family up to now, with photos and memories and stories to flesh it out. The oldest member of our family is 100 and the youngest is 4, so we’d have quite the range of experiences to include!

What is your favorite childhood memory?

It’s hard to choose but the first comes to mind, as nerdy as it sounds, is reading Harry Potter for the first time. Cozied up inside on a chilly fall day, munching down on chocolate chip Teddy Graham and getting lost in Harry’s world for the first time. It was the first time I was unable to put a book down and turned me into a ravenous reader (the Bookie Monster?).

Who is/was the biggest inspiration in your life?

Growing up, I was incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by strong, smart, independent, loving, and creative women – each of them inspiring in their own way. My mother, my aunts, and my grandmothers continue to inspire me as an adult, perhaps even more so now that I can appreciate their tireless efforts and numerous sacrifices for their family.

Favorite pet(s)?

My loving but aloof cat, Indie; my wannabe lap-dog, Petra; and my doofy-faced fish, Gil.

Love that face!

Tell us something unique about you?

I’m a south paw!
Editor’s Note: I had to ask – since I box (Deanna) Southpaw to me is a stance – apparently it’s when you’re left handed <3

Tea or Coffee?


Favorite Music?

I’m a bit of a hip-hop head. Recently, I’ve been listening to Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, J. Cole, Childish Gambino, and Anderson .Paak, but I also like alternative rock – Minus the Bear, Anthony Green, Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros, Modest Mouse, Cursive, and Circa Survive.

Favorite Books?

Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, Kurt Vonnegut, Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card, and Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk.

A place you’ve been and loved and a place you want to visit and why?

Whether I’m coffee crawling through Denver, dancing at Red Rocks, hiking on the western slope, or simply driving through the mountains, I always love going to Colorado. In the future, I want to see the Redwoods, go whale-watching in New Zealand, eat sushi in Tokyo, and visit the Grand Canyon.

Favorite quote?

It’s a tie. “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…The man who never reads lives only one” (George R.R. Martin) and “Be like water” (Bruce Lee).

Speak any other languages?

Je parle français, though I’m probably a bit rusty.