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Meet The Team: Carley Wolf

We hope you’re enjoying our “Meet The Team” posts so far! This week it’s high time we introduce Carley Wolf, our fantastic project curator without whom we couldn’t have made “Seduced by Sound: Austin” the raging success it is. We are happy to announce that Carley has extended her stay at Weeva and will continue to work with us on more projects and outreach, especially in the music scene. We can’t praise her knowledge and expertise enough and look forward to what else she can bring to us, and you! So without further ado:

Carley Wolf – Project Curator and Ghostwolf

What is your position at Weeva and what’s your favorite part of your job and why?

I worked with Weeva to develop and produce “Seduced by Sound; Austin“. I enjoyed working with the team on such a big project.

At Weeva, we work a lot with pictures, stories, and memories – how has that changed your perception in terms of creating & preserving memories?

I have always been interested in documenting and preserving history through photos, stories, and sound. That is one of the primary reasons I studied Sound Recording Technology in college, and continue to record and archive what’s going on around me. I love Weeva’s mission of deepening connection and meaning between people through self-expression, making people feel heard and cared about, and giving back to the community. It’s a great platform.

If you could tell our customers what the best part of a Weeva book is what would that be?

The feeling you get when you hold it in your hands for the first time.

Pictures vs. Stories.. or both?

They are both so important. A photo tells you only so much but reveals more than you could say in words. A story deepens your understanding of the circumstances surrounding the photo.

If you could only make one Weeva book, who would it be for, about, and why?

It would be the one I made about the Austin music scene. Seduced by Sound; Austin documented 100 Austin musicians on why they make music. I love how it is a snapshot in time of what is going on right now in Austin.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

I remember my entire childhood so fondly. I’m really lucky and thankful for that.

Who is/was the biggest inspiration in your life?

My parents. They inspire me to do good in the world and show me how to be a nice person.

Favorite pet(s)?

My favorite pet passed away a year ago. He was a giant white wolf dog named Winter, and was my faithful companion for 8 years. He went too soon. A couple weeks ago a giant white sheep dog wandered up to me in the country. After looking for his owners and calling around with no luck, I have claimed him as my new best friend. I guess I’m the lucky one. His name is Falkor, and he’s a really good boy.

Tell us something unique about you?

I’m vegan. I have never eaten meat in my life. That usually shocks people.

Tea or Coffee?

No caffeine for me. I love herbal tea though.

Favorite Music?

Tom Waits.

Favorite Books?

The Artist’s Way, Anthem, The Confederacy of Dunces,  and also, of course,
Seduced by Sound; Austin.

A place you’ve been and loved and a place you want to visit and why?

I love the Texas hill country more than anywhere on earth. It’s home. I also love Hawaii and St. Martin. Volcanic islands are gorgeous. I have toured with my band The Ghost Wolves all through the US, Europe, and even Japan. We (The Ghost Wolves) get to see and experience so much on our trips and I love all of it. We want to spend more time in Japan and the far east to explore new territories.

Favorite Quote:

Crybabies Go Home” – The Ghost Wolves

If you get far enough away you’ll be on your way back home” – Tom Waits or pretty much anything else Tom says.

Speak any other languages?

A little Spanish and a teenie German.
So that’s a little bit more about Carley <3 If you want to see her play, or even meet her to sign your book, follow our Seduced by Sound: Austin Facebook page for any updates.