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How To Start A Weeva Project

It’s Tip Tuesday y’all! We’ll walk you through setup and common questions so you’re ready to start your Weeva book today! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to create an anniversary book, a birthday book, or even a retirement book, the basic system is the same.

Starting A Project

The first step in creating a Weeva book is to sign up. You can either click the “Sign Up” button on our homepage or you can click this beautiful link: Start Your Weeva Book

You should see a screen like this:

weeva, weeva sign up, starting a book

As you can see it’s a super easy signup process. Give your project a title – you can change it later or when you check out, then add your name, email, and set a good password.

Next, you’ll see a screen that asks for some details – this helps us give you the best resources to make your book a success:

Project Description

Next, it will ask you for a project description. You don’t have to write a lot but we suggest you include the following:

  • Who this is for and the occasion
  • The date to contribute by (4 weeks before you need the book)
  • If this is a secret or not

Here’s an example of a description:

project details, project description,


We ask you for a deadline – this is for us to know when you need the book by. It allows us to give you a timeline with deadlines to help you receive your book in time. Some books take longer than others. We know that memorials are difficult for everyone, so just put a tentative date in here and we can always adjust later.

timeline, date, deadline,


Once your finish your initial setup, you should see a screen like this:

It includes the title, the description, the order button, the project settings (where you can add a subtitle), the invite button, and a private message button. After you’re happy with it, you can start setting up your book.

Setting Up Your Project

This is where the fun begins. You have a variety of options to start here. You can either start inviting people and let everyone add their own threads and passages, or you can pre-structure at least a little bit. It’s easier for us (and you) if you start the threads in the order you’d like them in the book and it’s incredibly helpful for friends and family if they know what you are looking for. And don’t worry, they can always add their own anyway.
Three things you need to know.

  1. Your project is private. That means only you and the people you invite and gave the link to can join and read.
  2. If a passage or thread is published – everyone in the book can read it or those that have the link to join.
  3. Everyone can add new threads and passages if they are a part of the project. But don’t worry – we monitor and so can you. If you don’t want something in the book, we can leave it out.

If you’re ready for your first thread (chapter) scroll down:


Threads are also considered chapters. Each thread holds an “unlimited” amount of passages. That means you don’t have to worry about too many people adding their memories in a thread. So just relax and let the stories post. It’s easiest to set up threads ahead of time to give an example of the content you want people to add. Ideas for threads:

  • Funniest Memories
  • Favorite Pictures
  • When I met …
  • I’d describe X in 3 words
  • I love X because..
  • X as a parent
  • X as a friend

These are just samples. When you’re ready, click “Start A New Thread

Here is an example of a pre-populated book:

This will help guide people and spark memories and ideas about what to post. You’ll also be able to tell which threads have content and by whom. See the picture above – nobody yet under all of them except “The Story Of Us” because I actually wrote in that thread and added a picture.

Passages and Pictures

Now that you have set up threads, it’s time to add some content. To add content click an existing thread and start typing in the box. It’s saved as a draft until you hit publish. Remember, once it is published, everyone in your project can read it.

In this case, I added some thought starters. You can do that too and we will remove it during editing. Or you can just write your story.
If you’d like to add a picture to your story, click the purple bar “Add A Picture” and choose one from your computer. We like larger files because it’s better to print them but we usually suggest staying under 10MB

This is what it’ll look like together:

Now you’ll hit “publish” and you’ve posted your first story and picture. Each passage can hold 1 picture but you are welcome to add as many passages with just pictures as you like.

TIP: If you’re stuck or have questions, click the little bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen – it’s usually blue and is a direct line to our Customer Success team and most of the time Deanna herself.


Now that you’ve set up your project you are ready to invite friends and family. Click the “Invite Somone” button in the top right corner.

You can add email addresses here (not the handy “How to write great invites“) or you can click direct link and use that. If you’d like a “pretty” and short link, reach out to Deanna, she will help. Note that email invites only work for the person invited and stop working once used. You’ll get an error message if you try to use it again, even to log in. Also noteworthy is that the direct link is a universal link. ANYONE with that link can read your stories and sign up, so be mindful about sharing that one if it’s a secret, or only for select people.

That’s it, you’re done! How easy was that? You’re ready to collect and share beautiful memories, and discover, read, and view some that you didn’t know existed!

Let us know if you have any questions, we’d love to help!

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Meet The Team: Lisa Wyatt Roe

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Today we are excited to introduce you to Lisa Wyatt Roe, our fantastic editor and Austin music aficionado! We are beyond blessed to have her on the team and appreciate her insight and love for the Austin music scene. Make sure to read to the end, Lisa has some interesting tidbits in her Q&A with us <3

What is your position at Weeva and what’s your favorite part of your job and why?

I began working with Weeva as the editor of “Seduced by Sound: Austin, 100 Musicians on Why They Make Music” – a dream project for a music fan like me! I also manage the “Seduced by Sound” Facebook page, edit other Weeva books, and write marketing materials. I love the variety and working with a team of smart, dedicated and fun people.

At Weeva, we work a lot with pictures, stories, and memories – how has that changed your perception in terms of creating and preserving memories?

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41 Love Quotes To Add To Your Anniversary Book

When we think of couples celebrating their anniversary, we often think of this quote because it sums up life together, as a couple:

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Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

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storytelling, family story, my story, my family story, memories,

My Dad, The Storyteller

While we are gearing up for Tip Tuesday blogs, we will share our favorite family stories with you. We hope you enjoy the personal stories our team will share over the coming weeks and use them as inspiration for your own family story Weeva book!

My Dad, The Storyteller – Kim Gorsuch-Bradbury

In my family, growing up, we all loved listening to my dad’s stories. Some of them were true or at least based on actual events, and others were pure fabrication. They all came with sound effects, impeccable timing and enchanting delivery. My dad has always had the ability to make me smile and laugh.

The story of Snake Hill has always been a favorite, and I’ve always wondered how my Uncle David would tell it. Sadly, he passed away before I could capture his point of view. Read More

Kim Gorsuch Bradbury, Weeva Team, CEO of Weeva, Weeva CEO

Meet The Weeva Team: Kim Gorsuch-Bradbury

In 2017 we are making it our mission to focus on human connections, interaction, and of course memories. We, the Weeva team, feel that in order to connect with you, our customers and readers, you should know more about us. The best connections are built on trust and positive emotions, just like Weeva books!

So without further ado, I’d like you to meet the first person in our Weeva Team:

Kim Gorsuch-Bradbury – Founder and CEO of Weeva

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