A Trip Down Memory Lane With A Birthday Book

What better way to celebrate any birthday than giving them the gift of memories, stories, and pictures written by the people they love? Create a stunningly beautiful keepsake book with Weeva and give the gift of a lifetime. It’s more than a birthday gift. It’s a testimony to a life filled with love, laughter, family, and friends. Best of all? It’s easy to do.

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Why a Weeva book is the best birthday gift:

Because it’s a gift that has meaning, that lets people know how much they are loved, that what they do, who they are has an impact. That their life affects those around them. Most people don’t know how much they mean to others. Our birthday books bring out the best in people. They bring back memories, feelings, and a deeper connection between people. Birthday books are more than just photo albums. They tell the story of a life well lived. Give them a birthday gift from the heart, that’ll be cherished and valued for years to come. Don’t waste another year wondering if they truly liked your gift.

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Sweet 16 to 100th birthday gift

It doesn’t matter if it’s been 6 months or 50 years. You are in love, you have ups and downs, you grow together. As a couple, you share so many experiences together and apart. Couples touch the lives of family, friends, and even co-workers and are often unaware of the amazing impact their example of commitment has had on those around them. We at Weeva want to help you capture all these stories of love and laughter from friends and family to celebrate your anniversary – no matter how big or small.

Take A Look Inside

Take a look insided a birthday book created by a family for their dad’s 70th birthday. It’s filled with heartfelt stories, beautiful pictures and the best memories of a love-filled life.

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Quick Answers

How Private Is A Weeva Book

Weeva books are invite-only, meaning in order to see the stories it contains and add your own you have to be invited by an existing member of that book. We take privacy seriously and are committed to making a safe, secure place to share meaningful stories.

Do I Have To Buy A Book?

No. Using Weeva's online platform to collect and share stories is completely free and there is never an obligation to purchase a physical book. We think our printed books are awesome and that you'll love them but there's no risk starting a book project.

How Long Does It Take To Print A Book?

Standard turnaround is 3 weeks. This means all participants must have their stories and photos added to the Weeva book at least 3 weeks before you need the book delivered. Rush printing is available.
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