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Collaborate with your family members to capture and record the important stories from your family's history.

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Preserve Important Stories Together

Working alone to collect your family's history and favorite memories can be difficult. Weeva makes it easy for everyone in the family to join in the storytelling, adding their memories, perspectives and favorite photos to a private book project.

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How Weeva Works

Collect The Best Stories Directly From Family Members

The simple and free online tools Weeva gives you make inviting and engaging your family easy! Getting stories directly from family members ensures the best details can be captured and preserved!

I remember when you were 4 and you ate snails from the garden. You thought you were so fancy. Aunt Nancy

Have Your Stories Turned Into A Masterpiece Book

Best of all, your collected stories can be turned into a beautiful book with a single click. Weeva Books are uncompromising in quality: When it comes to preserving your most precious memories, there’s no room for error.

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Quick Answers

How Private Is A Weeva Book

Weeva books are invite-only, meaning in order to see the stories it contains and add your own you have to be invited by an existing member of that book. We take privacy seriously and are committed to making a safe, secure place to share meaningful stories.

Do I Have To Pay To Start A Weeva book?

No. Using Weeva's online platform to collect and share stories is completely free and there is never an obligation to purchase a physical book. We think our books are awesome and that you'll love them but there's no risk starting a book project.

How Long Does It Take To Print A Book?

Standard turnaround is 3 weeks. This means all book participants must have their stories and photos added to the book at least 3 weeks before you need the book delivered. Rush printing is available: contact us for details

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