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Your family has stories

We preserve them, forever

Weeva is the place your family will always come to read about their history. It's easy, free and secure.

Invite your family to add their favorite stories and photos. We save it.

Then, once a year, your family reunion yearbook arrives.

We take all your family’s submissions and turn it into a beautiful keepsake book that preserves your history year by year. Create the legacy your family deserves.

It's Better Together

Working alone to collect stories and photos for a book project is time consuming and difficult. Weeva makes it easy for everyone in the family to join in the storytelling, adding their memories, perspectives and favorite photos to your private book project.

Your Family Reunion Stories:
Turned Into A Masterpiece

Best of all, your collected stories can be turned into a beautiful book with a single click. Weeva Books are uncompromising in quality: When it comes to preserving your most precious memories, there’s no room for error.

Start your family reunion yearbook

Preserve your family history, effortlessly.

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