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# 1

The Basic Steps

Weeva helps you make an amazing keepsake book without all the hard work.

Start by signing up and creating your online book project where you write, save and organize the stories and pictures you want to have in the book.

Next, invite family and friends to your project so they can add their own memories and pictures. With everyone contributing, you'll quickly have all the stories and photos you wanted.

Finally, place an order and Weeva gets to work designing a keepsake book just for you, filled with all the collected stories and photos. Spelling, punctuation and grammar-checked! See? Easy.

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"I read the whole thing with tears in my eyes. What a fantastic idea – so simple but so effective."

~ Sean B.

# 2

The Easy Way

You'd like a book. A NICE book. A real keepsake - something that will last. And you want a book with pictures, but not just pictures, you want written stories too: letters, anecdotes, recipes, memories....

That sounds like a lot of work. Especially because you don't have all the pictures you want, and you can't write all the stories you know exist. Other family members or friends have the stories and pictures. And furthermore, you have no idea how to design and make a book.

So how do you make it happen? It's easy: make it with Weeva.

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"My mother loved seeing all the pictures and reading the memories from friends and family. It brought her to tears!"

~ Jessica M.

# 3

The Perfect Gift

It's your parent's 40th anniversary, and you want to give a gift that's truly meaningful, but no card or trinket will suffice.

Here's the perfect gift: Use Weeva to make a book filled with stories and pictures celebrating their years together. How do you get all those stories and pictures? Easy: with Weeva you can invite your family, friends, and anyone else who might have something to share about your parents to contribute.

Just like that, you'll have tons of wonderful memories. Place your order and we'll custom design a book with all the stories and pictures everyone shared.


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