Use Weeva to collect stories, memories and photos from friends and family to show your support for a critically ill loved one.

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When my dad was critically ill, so many friends wanted to help but didn't know how. I wanted a place where they could tell him how much they loved him, and describe the many ways he had made a difference in their lives. Kim Gorsuch, Founder of Weeva

When You Don't Know What To Do - Tell A Story

Sometimes we struggle to know how to show our love and support when someone we care about is facing a serious illness. Weeva can help change that. Weeva makes it easy for family and friends to share their favorite stories and memories of a loved one who needs support, and lets them know just how deeply loved they are.

Our stories and memories of someone - no matter how exotic or mundane - are powerful ways to uplift them and the people around them. It reminds the person that the illness is only part of their journey, not their whole journey. Weeva helps you to work together with others to share meaningful memories in a free, private and easy way.

Weeva Books

Weeva books are a collection of stories and pictures contributed by people who have been invited. Weeva books are private, meaning the stories they contain can only be seen by those who have been specifically invited to participate.

Create a Tapestry to celebrate and support someone you care about and invite others to participate. Together you can add your stories and words of support that will grow into a rich and vibrant tapestry of love and support that the recipient will cherish.

How It Works

Step 1:
Sign Up and Start A Book

Weeva is easy, free and private. With one click you can start a book project for your loved one and begin collecting stories from others.

Step 2:
Invite Others and Collect Stories

Send invites to the friends and family you want to contribute. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the book fills with rich, vibrant stories.

Step 3:
Share It With Your Loved One

As the book fills with beautiful stories, memories and words of support, share them with your loved one.

Create A Beautiful Book

Weeva can also you create and print a truly remarkable art-quality book filled with the stories and pictures of your loved one that have been told by family and friends.

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We are not powerless in the face of illness.

Our stories and memories have the power to encourage, uplift and communicate our love.

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