The Incredible Obstacles that so many OVERCOME!

Brenda McClain
3 years ago

What an experience to be a part of is really how I have to start! I have been a wish granter and volunteer for many years for the foundation and when I was asked to help with this experience I was like I can't imagine why anyone in their right mind would repel down the side of a perfectly good building. Mind you I am terrified, maybe even petrified of heights. I worked with other volunteers to take photos as people made it to the ground. I got to listen to stories of family members of kids who have had their wishes granted and why they chose to do this. I was BLOWN AWAY!!! I say that because it was Father's Day and dads were there with their kiddos cheering MOM on!! That's right - cheering mom on as she repelled down the "W" in Austin. It was humbling watching so many overcome their obstacle as the come "Over The Edge" - so at the end of the day I committed myself and Jill from the foundation as well (who too is scared of heights) to raise money and do this next year. I may lock up and freak out and cry and scream and say things I shouldn't say. But - at the end of the day I know a fear is just a fear - but the obstacles these families overcome each and everyday is worth me crying like a small child. I hope to be a top fund raiser....I will work hard to do this - and I can't wait to not just volunteer next year but to participate as well!!

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