Going Over The Edge

Katherine Pierantoni
4 years ago

Hello Everyone,

My name is Katherine Pierantoni. My life was greatly touched by Make-A-Wish last year and the wish that they granted me. When I first discovered that my wish was going to be granted, my entire world changed. Being so sick, I had something to hope for and I was able to truly smile again. In July of 2013, I travelled with my family to San Jose, California to meet One Direction, the band who brought me happiness throughout the hardest part of my life. I got to meet and talk to the boys who I had only seen on posters and TV, take photos with them and give them a letter that explained how grateful I was to be meeting them. We got to attend the sound check, where I stood in the very front row. The concert was unbelievable, and I had so much fun watching them perform. The entire day was beyond perfect; I had never felt so special. The volunteer from Make-A-Wish was extremely kind and made the day even better! We also got to spend a day in San Francisco, exploring a place I had never seen before. I got to ride on a boat for a Bay cruise, see the crazy curvy street (Lombard Street) and walk along Fisherman’s Wharf. The whole trip was incredible! It will forever hold a special place in my heart. Being granted a wish changed everything for me, it gave me hope and something to look forward to. And now I want other kids to be given that. I am so beyond thankful to have experienced this and I want to help other children experience their own wish

Thank you so much!

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    Jim - 4 years ago
    Katherine: It was a pleasure to meet you Saturday. I was told that you and I were going to rappel together (at 2:00) but they sent me down ahead of you. My reception group on the ground felt like I had set the speed record...I had left the other two in my group (Pam and Gary) still only about 1/4 down when I was taking my gear off. Although I wanted to go down with you, being ahead of you afforded me the great pleasure of seeing you when you reached the bottom. I will forever treasure the expression on your face and your triumphant body language. As a board member for Make a Wish, you inspired me to keep hope alive for all the Wish Kids. You were awesome and I am rewarded for the vision of seeing you walk your victorious walk! Thank you! jb
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