Connections Happen

Scott Lipton
3 years ago

For me, coming to Capital Factory is about the people--connecting, sharing, enjoying. For many of us, our first exposure to Capital Factory is through an event; mine was at the EdTech Austin meetup. I was immediately drawn in, not only by the unique work space I had entered, but by the feel and culture that was omnipresent. The openness of the Capital Factory design inherently influences an equally open social environment; a perfect place to meet, network, and develop relationships. Establishing a network typically requires strategy and effort, but spend some time in the kitchen, the co-working spaces, or the lobby and the connections just happen. These unique experiences led to my joining Capital Factory as a full-time member, taking this relational fluidity to a new level. All are welcome, partnerships are encouraged, and inclusiveness is the name of the game here. Cheers to Capital Factory for understanding, representing, and exemplifying the spirit of Austin.

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