Capital Factory Journey

Wendy Smith
2 years ago

I became a partner at the Capital Factory January 2014 after many conversations with Mellie Price around the fact I wanted to get more engaged in healthcare technology. I became an investor and mentor. My first few months were so exciting and I loved every company I encountered. I quickly began to understand that I could not participate in them all but the energy, intelligence and passion of the CF companies is contagious.

I jumped in whole heartedly –offering weekly office hours and attending pitch sessions. I felt my contribution was appreciated particularly in the healthcare space due to my subject matter expertise and knowledge of the entire ecosystem of healthcare.

Within the first 9 months, I was engaged heavily with 6 healthcare technology companies in Austin as an advisor and investor. The journey has been incredible so far. All of them are still alive and making solid progress. I look forward to participating with any and all healthcare companies that pipeline through the Capital Factory family and I am personally dedicated to attracting more healthcare mentors to the space.

Josh, Mellie and others partners have been important allies in my journey. After 25 years in the healthcare corporate environment my vocabulary was pre-programmed and I had to learn the technology lingo and open my mind to entrepreneurial ways.

I love being part of the CF world and look forward to my continued journey of learning and leading. Austin is at the tipping point in the healthcare technology space and there is much to be accomplished.

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