Center of Gravity

Allison Engel
2 years ago

Center of gravity is a pretty big statement, but one that I wouldn't event begin to question when it refers to the impact that Capital Factory has had on the Austin entrepreneurial ecosystem.

I met Josh and team in 2013, they had just moved to the Omni and were still building out the space. Fast forward 2 years Josh has accomplished what few could only imagine. He has created a place where not only can entrepreneurs go to get the help they need but he has turned what was once an accelerator into a multifaceted brand that is the gold standard and recognized across the globe.

Dell for Entrepreneurs is super selective about who we partner with. With Josh and team, what you see is what you get. There is an authenticity that drives everything they do and as a result the community has responded. With Capital Factory you are getting top tier companies, programs and experiences.

I am thrilled to see them continue to grow and flourish and look forward to what the next 3, 5, 10, 15 years will bring!

JD Chang
2 years ago

For me, Capital Factory is the epicenter of Austin Technology. I am very pleased to work from their office space, and to interact extensively with their mentor network.

In my view, Capital Factory’s best attribute is the advisor network and booking system. They have great mentors and advisors, and the brand name helps companies as they network around. I've been in other accelerators where advisors don't commit as much time as they do at CF. The CF team makes it easy to find the skills you're looking for, and to connect with people that can help. Without CF, it would take a lot longer to meet the people you need to know. It's a fantastic bedrock and foundation from which to build knowledge and support.

Jacqueline Hughes
2 years ago

I first heard of Capital Factory back in 2010 through my friends at Keepstream. They had recently moved to Austin from Ohio to go through the 2nd batch of the Capital Factory accelerator program, and spoke highly of both the program and the mentors. I was just starting to plug into the Austin startup scene, and began attending tech and startup related events in a small conference room on the eighth floor of the Omni where Capital Factory had their first space. It was through these events that I met Josh Baer, Jason Cohen and many others who were involved in the Austin startup scene.

Flash forward a couple years later -- I went to Portland for the month of May. When I came back Capital Factory had just opened the space on the 16th floor of the Omni and was already full of energy. I was only gone from Austin for a month, but in that short period of time it felt like everything changed! In addition to the amazing energy inside the walls of Capital Factory, the entire startup scene in Austin felt more alive.

Capital Factory not only provides an amazing space and community for its members -- it's also been an amazing resource for the entire Austin community.

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