Don't go it alone

John Sherma
2 years ago

Our partnership with the Capital Factory is an example of how Booz Allen is building an ecosystem of partners – we’re living what we’ve told clients: “don’t go it alone.” As we explored opportunities in Austin, the Capital Factory stood out: it connects the best technology to the hardest challenges, lets us contribute to the community, and is home to incredible talent. It’s the place we wanted to be and has the people with whom we want to work. Our work with the Capital Factory allows us to engage with innovative, Austin-based companies that are solving complex problems with incredible technology, and facilitates our support of and participation in the Austin Tech community. The relationship also serves as an incredible recruiting tool for our team: Booz Allen employees want to work at the Capital Factory. They want the atmosphere, environment, and interaction with passionate, driven peers. Our work with the Capital Factory has served as a model for Booz Allen to engage in similar partnerships around the country. While other partnerships have been established, Capital Factory in Austin has set the standard for others.

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