Focus Point

Harsh Patel
2 years ago

Though we were originally located just across the street, MakerSquare has taken quite the journey since relocating to Capital Factory.

Bringing MakerSquare to Capital Factory was something Josh and I had discussed for a couple of years before it finally happened. It just made so much sense to us - We now had the opportunity to train developers on the same floor where local tech companies were looking to hire new developers. A symbiotic relationship. We imagined a place where our developers could be surrounded by, and inspired by, the very companies they would build relationships with in the future.

Josh’s mission to make Capital Factory the Center of Gravity for entrepreneurs and Tech startups works so well with MakerSquare’s goals of being Austin’s local hub for future developers. I quickly understood the benefit of our move - There is a gravitational pull towards a synergetic community, a natural reaction when possibility and talent meet.

-Harsh Patel, CEO of MakerSquare

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