Ode to the Grind.

Melanie Weinberger
3 years ago

Having a vision is only one part,
But you see it's the gumption of all of our starts.
They call it an "up", though sometimes it feels down.
Just remember the dream and you'll smile,
Not frown.

My dream has been woven with late nights and selling.
Will we be the next big thing? Well, shucks, there's no telling.
Except there IS telling when you just make the choice,
To work in an office that gives you a voice.

From mentors and peers, to partners and code,
Here, even the staff here knows it's a long road.
The frequent strategic kicks in the butt make us yelp,
Though the cookies at 3pm surely do help.
And as a team they all rise, to give strength to the new.
The new companies, armies, and deep down inside,
To our scared egos too.

We're all fighting and flying and running about,
To make real this big vision we pitch with such clout.
If an army it takes to bring life to my dream
Then I'm glad I've got Capital Factory to stand with my team.

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