11 brought me back to the the tardis.

Natalie Clark
2 years ago

To say I was a whovian from the start is kinda a lie. Growing up I just to watch reruns of Tom Baker episodes with my father and I fell in love with Doctor Who. As I grew older I thought it was not cool to watch Doctor Who so I didn't keep up with it. How times have changed since I was just 4 years old, I am now a married woman and it is thanks to my husband that I fell back in love with the show. Now it's not just my husband but a certain doctor who loves bow ties, fezzes, fish fingers and custard, and of course his friends. The first time I watched the eleventh hour and seeing Matt Smith with a young Amy Pond made me realize how much I love the doctor. There was something about eleven that was just awesome, his childish charm was so great to see because it reminded me of how much of a kid at heart I am. I saw that it was cool to be a whovian and to always run besides the doctor. I started to get into cosplay and the first cosplay I ever did was 11 and my husband was my river song. The relationship between 11 and river reminded me of how much I love my husband and I would do anything for him. Now as for companions our favorite is of course The Impossible Girl herself Clara Oswald. Her story is just so beautiful and how she would save him over and over again. Because of Clara my husband calls me his Impossible Girl and he is my Clever boy. If I ever had the chance to meet Matt Smith I would love to thank him for being the doctor, my sweetie, my raggedy man, my Clever boy, but most of all my friend. For many of us that is what the doctor is to us our friend. Matt you will always be cool, now run you clever boy and remember us.

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