Darlek Christmas

Charles Bradbury
2 years ago

During the Christmas break of 2009-2010 my family took a trip to Germany and England. My dad is English and growing up I was raised on the media and culture of two countries so I’ve always considered myself equal parts American and English. Doctor Who was a big part of this and it allowed me to connect with a part of my heritage in an enjoyable manner, it also brought the whole family together each week for every new episode. Growing up I had been to England a few times but always wanted to go back and see more, so going in 2009 was understandably exciting for me, I would get walk through the places I’d seen so many times on TV.

Germany was wonderful, I don’t think that there’s a people that knows how to celebrate Christmas as quite as well as the Germans but it was really England that I was holding out for. Over the course of the week and a half that I spent there I did many of the things that I had dreamt of, I saw Liverpool FC play at Anfield, went to see old pubs with my father and perhaps most importantly got some Doctor Who memories to keep forever. My family stayed with a family friend named Paul who had in his living room, a life sized Darlek, one you could actually get inside and move around. Needless to say this was a 7th grader’s dream and when combined with the Christmas-New year goodbye specials to David Tennant (my all time favorite doctor) it was almost too much Who to take.

Watching the emotional final minutes of David Tennant’s final episode as the Doctor, toy sonic screwdriver in hand and flanked by a tinsel decked Darlek was something I’ll never forget and something that, looking back, helped cement my dual-identity and make me who I am today.

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    Marrie - 2 years ago
    Beautiful story lol can I borrow that Darley jk but not really lol
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