Don't Blink

Deanna Ayres
2 years ago

I started watching Dr. Who in 2012 because I was bored and it looked interesting. My first reaction was - this is corny.. but after about 3 episodes I was hooked! I went on a binge-watching spree that can only be rivaled by House of Cards at this point..
I soaked it all in, the adventures, the weird ideas, the Dalek's, the Cybermen, the companions, the love, my hopes and fears. I became addicted and realized I wasn't alone. I'd never paid much attention to what my friends posted about Dr. Who on social media but after I started becoming a Whovian, I became a part of a wonderful and large community of Whovians! From pictures to meme's, from cosplay to Dr. Who quotes, from jewelry to remaking a door into a tardis look a like, I was hooked.
The storyline gave me hope, love, fear and despair. I felt it all. I longed for more, I fell in love with David Tennant, then Matt Smith and to this day - they both are my favorites. Their playful, witty ways warmed my heart and broke it when I realized they too will change and I will have to learn to love another Doctor. Riversong became my hero and btw.. anyone else want to read her journal??
The mysteries of the universe became mine to think about and speculate what else there could be. It plays of my emotions and my fears.. "Don't Blink" is still one of my favorite episodes and also one of the most terrifying. It's become a game at our house - "Don't Blink". Now, every time we see at weeping angel, we are genuinely creeped out. When we went to Comic Con in 2012, we had nothing but admiration for the "Weeping Angel" cosplay that happened right before us. She stood there, silently, unmoving for hours! Talk about a superfan!! In 2013 we were lucky to see "The Day Of The Doctor" in a special screening, celebrating 50 years of Dr. Who at Comic Con in Austin, Texas. It was amazing! The unity, the fandom, the cosplay, the art, the love. Now, my children are binge-watching Dr. Who (as much as they are allowed anyways) and are debating theories, ask wonderful questions, are fans of something amazing for the first time and get to take that rollercoaster ride of emotions with their favorite characters. They get into debates and arguments over who they like the most, what happened to Rose, where did Daleks come from, will it ever be true? Are we just blind and cannot see? When will the Dr. come and take them on a journey through time and space? I don't know, but if I ever hear the Tardis noise, I'll for sure be looking and if the Dr. comes to pick me up, well, I'll definitely will be going.

Deanna Ayres
2 years ago

Weeping Angel cosplay in Austin, Texas

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