The Doctor and Me

Robert Bruce
2 years ago

Doctor who is one of my fondest memories growing up. Get up Saturday morning to watch the tall, curly haired mad man in the impossibly long scarf travel around in his strange blue box through time and space. Daleks, Cybermen, the Black Guardian..all foes that to non-Whovians just sounded odd. K-9, Sarah Jane, Leela, Romana I and II..even Harry Sullivan and Adric..these were names that only we fans knew or understood back before Tweeter, Facebook, even the Internet..watching Doctor Who was special because you were sometimes the only one in your house to do so. Then the Fourth Doctor changed into the Fifth Doctor, but because it was PBS and they only acquired a certain batch of episodes, it restarted from either the third doctor or the Fourth Doctor again. So you Sat there going, Oi! What about the blond haired bloke??? Wasn't til college that I finally saw the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Doctors..and it was work the wait..

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