More than a teen crush

As a teen from a small, conservative Texas town, I was always a square peg trying to fit into the round holes. A hippie left-wing artist. It was an epiphany when I first listened to Ziggy Stardust. Here was a beautiful, weird, talented artist who rocked me to my core. So creative, constantly reinventing his sound, look, and alter egos, he was to me a modern musical version of Picasso, always surprising, inspiring and delighting his fans. He gave me permission to not only be different, but to embrace the artist inside me. That schoolgirl crush evolved into an adult's admiration of a true renaissance man. A life long love that I will hold forever. I didn't know him personally, but I feel in my bones (and from public interviews) that he was an exceptional man, husband, and father. The world mourns the artist, but my heart really goes out to his beautiful loving family. God bless and keep you, dear hearts. (This image is a loose interpretation I did years ago)

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