Forever and ever

I cry the death of Mister David Bowie. I heard numerous times " you are going not to cry for him all the same! " And very yes, I cry because I feel a profound sadness. Why? Because I met musically David Bowie in 9 years on "Ashes to Ashes" and because it be love at first sight: his universe, its voice and its music. It was as an obvious fact not need to find of explanation in it. And then there was a madness Of Let dance. I remember my holidays or with a friend we returned earlier to listen to again and again the album. Thanks to a friend of my brother I was able to discover the previous albums: and you know what I liked everything. What a creator! What an artist! I read all the biographies which I could and the I discovered the man: generous, funny, intelligent and cultivated. I had the happiness of seeing him twice in concert and it was unforgettable moments. If kind with his fans. In my room, I listened to him whole evenings to imagine choreographies on his songs. I saw all the movies or he played even the least good. For those who know my personal history, he took the place of the paternal mark when I was young and same later. It is necessary to admit also that adolescent, I dreamed to marry him! I continued to buy his albums. When he remained silent during 10 years, I waited and yes I admit it when in 2013, finally there was an album, during the first listening, I cried. The emotion to hear again its voice, to notice that his creativity was intact. His music accompanied me throughout my life. Whether it is in the difficult or joyful times, it is to his songs that I turned to console me, put out my anger. And he will continue to accompany me till the end.
In spite of years, there was a point of reference. I often hear that I am someone fort, it is doubtless the example which m helped there. He left me certain teachings also: that the difference can be a strength and that conform to the laws of the thinking properties is not necessarily the way.

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