My first Rock & Roll Concert

On October 16, 1974, just shy of my 15th birthday, I saw David at the Michigan Palace in Detroit, Michigan. It was my first rock and roll concert. I attended with my then girlfriend Cindy. We were in 10th grade in high school & had been dating since 6th grade. Neither of us had a drivers license yet, so my Dad drove us there & her Dad picked us up. Earlier in the year my older sister turned me on to David's Diamond Dogs album & I fell in love with it & immersed myself in all things Bowie. So, by the time of the concert, which was one of a multi night stand, I was very excited. I was equipped with the requisite weed which I managed to sneak into the venue to enhance the experience much to my girlfriends surprise & dismay as she was a "good girl". Well, of course we were expecting the full Diamond Dogs theatrical show which we heard so much about from David's shows at Detroit's Cobo Arena during the summer. Instead we got his Philly Soul review which was still mind blowing and fortunately included generous helpings of Diamond Dogs material! Needless to say I couldn't have had a better first rock concert experience. Two years later I had the pleasure of seeing David's Station to Station stop at Detroit's Olympia Stadium complete with the Salvador Dali film with the infamous eye cutting scene. The last time I saw David was on his Reality tour when he performed at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan. Little did I know at the time that it would be his final tour. With David's passing I feel like a part of my youth has passed too, but I'll always treasure my memories of attending his concerts.

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