You have always been there

David Bowie/Jones., You have always been a part of my life, your music the background to my life. The passing of another bright star has never moved me so much emotionally and I feel foolish for being so upset but it has felt like the loss of someone close. An adoring fan I guess who was amazed and captivated by your presence and I will never forget the magnetism you projected on stage the many times I was lucky enough to see you live in concert, over the years.The stage persona giving way to the real man who grew to become a gentle, loving and private person in real life. I felt you were invincible, how dare the beast take you from all who loved you, especially your family. Iman, Lexie, you I say how awesome and amazing to have had David Jones as a loving husband and father and how sorry I am for your loss and how sad that someone who had so much more life and love to give, heartbreaking. I feel I have no right to cry yet I did, I have.....I send you all love and light and hope you manage to find some peace, he will always be missed, he was and is irreplaceable , there will never be another like him. Thank you for the Joy you bought to my life David, when I look to the stars and the night sky I will see your face looking down on everyine who loved you and see how special you were to us all. Until we see you again on the other side. My love and regards . Martine Lode. xxx

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