My first... Everything.

I would ask my dad to rent Labyrinth every single weekend. And eventually a friend of my dad copied a cassette of ChangesBowie for me, and I played it until the radio ate it and then I cried and cried. Lol. My dad used to say "Kimberly, let it rest, I have David Bowie coming out of my ears." He has started to say that again 20 years later. I started a vinyl collection, and some cds. Everytime I learn a new instrument I play David's music first. I loved him so much, and I celebrate his memory often. I will miss him and his work and cherish his effect on my life, forever. He will always be in my heart, however. That will certainly never ever change. I even got to see him, at long last in 2004. It was only lawn seats. But I felt things in my heart that night, in my very soul, that I have never experienced before nor since. Nothing in the world has ever gotten in my head like David Bowie. Thank you.

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