Lead us through song

I always knew the pied piper was real and he called himself Bowie.
We loved him because he was sweet, kind, playful, noble, gentlemanly. He was also a doting husband and daddy and we loved him for that too.
I love the top of the pops clip from 1973. Your playing harmonica throughout Jean Genie. The piper plays a harmonica not a flute.
David, you made the young feel free and the old feel young
What a power
You just always seemed to cultivate camaraderie wherever you went and I hope that never changes.
I was to young to have seen you in concert so this tribute is my only hope that this little message will find its way to that piece of you within your children.
Iman, Lexie, an Duncan are heavy on my mind because I know its gotta be a nightmare for them. No matter how old I get the place in my heart that will always be a child will belong to you my beloved pied piper.
I hope your happy up there. miss youxx

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