Iman, Lexi and Duncan
I am so sorry of Davids passing may he rest in peace.
He was a brave man to go through that and keep it to those he loved. I lost an uncle the same way who only lasted 6 months so l know your pain.
You were lucky to have David
But he was very lucky to have had you to be there for him.
He loved you Iman very much, you can see from the photos of you both together the love and happiness, he had a nice family.

I am a big David Bowie fan
I have loved David and his music since the 70's, l also enjoyed many of the films he was in.
I went to many concerts over the years and was lucky enough to have met David a few times which l have memories to treasure.
I loved his humour, style and changes over the years.
David will always have a place in my heart.
Love and God Bless to you all from Trish

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