Dear David bowie jones

I first heard the song 'Changes' back in high school, 1971 sophomore year. The first time I saw you on stage in Cleveland Ohio, a small hall, your first concert in the United States- I was mesmerized. I fell in love with that song, and You. I saw you every single time you came to Cleveland and followed your career as I moved through my life raising my kids and Doing what grown ups are supposed to do. I happened into 'adult' life quite young, marrying at 18, a mother soon after. That song, that beautiful song has remained in my heart since that very first time I heard it on the radio. It has always been my mantra- the tune that took me through the happy and sad times in my life. I swear to God almighty it just happened to be playing on the radio whenever I needed a life lift. And that was just 1 song. You you thrilled me throughout the rest of my years with your fabulous personas- Ziggy, Thin White Duke, Ashes to Ashes, Heathen- too many to mention here. I always just wanted to
shake your hand and say thank you. Thank you for sharing your gifts. It really meant a lot to me personally.
I wear my red shoes whenever I dance the blues. Thank You David Bowie for making my life a bit sweeter- you are beloved.
Patricia Quinn Barany
Cleveland, Ohio

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