A young American who was Inspired

The first time I really heard David Bowie was a little over 3 years ago, I was 13. I heard Life On Mars on the radio and was instantly in love. I immediately delved into Bowie's work. I was absolutely fascinated by all of his music and the way he looked throughout the years. The first album of his I ever bought was Young Americans, it was a cassette tape at a thrift store. I played that tape over and over again, it is so worn out, but I still play it. It is the most played of all my tapes. Ziggy Stardust was a the first full song I ever learned to play on acoustic guitsr. As the years have gone by, I collected anything Bowie I could and continued to be inspired. For a 16 year old girl who has battled depression the better part of her life, what Bowie did for me means so much. He helped me through so much. But not only that, he taught me to be comfortable being my weird, unique self. He also taught me how to find myself in a world where it's so easy to lose ourselves. I never knew him personally, but I wish I had, so that I could thank him for everything.

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