Growing up

Growing up david bowie was my absolute hero, I have been fan of David's since aged 7, I can remember discovering david bowie through something I watched on TV and I was absolutely amazed by him. I found him to be absolutely fascinating. I was fascinated by his music, his movies and his life. The way he could change his whole image and pull it off and the music and movies had me hooked. David helped me through growing up,if there was a bad day, if I was upset, if I felt alone or anything, I had david there on a record or a TV screen to cheer me up. The older I got the more I realised how much talent he actually had and how much of a genius he was. For ages I've been waiting to see if he was going to announce that he'd be touring but that day never came, I was crushed. Upon hearing the news I was devastated, I left my tributes in Brixton, I have a tattoo in his honour but none of that will ever make up for losing him. I feel that when david died a little part of me went with him and a big part of my childhood. Thank you david for everything, you leave behind a wonderful legacy, a wonderful family and you're an angel to me and many others that you've never met. I honour you

Shine bright david


Michelle F, Stoke on trent, uk

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