Golden Years

As a nine year old Space fan I heard Space Oddity, and little was I to know it was going to change my life forever, I had discovered David Bowie, at the time it was just a really neat song that made me think of the moon landing, My parents were not over keen that I was a fan when they later saw him on top of the Pops in July of 1972, a strangely dressed asexual being who was singing about a Star Man, But did I care ... No Bowie was a shining light something new for the young music fans, Never had there been such a star to follow, David made it OK to be different to like something out of the ordinary, I saved up my pocketmoney newspaper round money and bought everything that he released, got friendly with the local record shop and did errands to get him to make sure I had the first copy of every record as it was released, then the news came Bowie was coming to Norwich May 21st 1973, I convinced my parents that he wasn't some weird alien here to brainwash us teenagers and bought my ticket, this was going to be a life changing moment, I was at the theatre long before the doors opened, the cue was buzzing, everyone was just.. just quivering with anticipation, Finally the doors were open and I got to my seat the next hour or so was like a dream I listened and watched David Bowie I was there I was actually in the audience watching him perform the songs I knew all the words to, from that moment I knew I'd be a Bowie fan for life, which I have been, I've bought every album he has released and usually on pre order so I could listen the day it was released, I ordered Blackstar the moment I heard about it, but as it dropped on my doormat at home I had been stranded in Holland collecting my new to me Chevy truck,(I should have been back the day before) what could I do?? I had to have a copy there an then... the internet.. downloaded a copy to my phone and listened to it all the way across Holland, It was strange I had followed David thru all his different music styles but this was different and I didn't know why, anyway I listened to it a few times and put my usual Bowie Facebook status on Sunday night.. When I woke the Monday morning a friend had put R.I.P. on the status.. NO! NO! It couldn't be true David Bowie was immortal he cant die, then it dawned on me Blackstar made sense I didn't want it too but sadly it did, I could never understand the way fans behaved when someone the supported had died, well not till that morning, it was like my best friend being taken from me, I had a empty lost feeling about myself, I kept praying I'd wake up and it would all be a horrible dream, as the day wore on it was not to be, the man who had given me so much pleasure was gone, he'd taught me that being different was OK to accept others for who and what they were and most of all not to judge people. Thank You David Bowie now I needed to do something for David from me, I am 56 years old now and had always said I would never have a Tattoo, but now was the time.. exactly one month from his leaving I had my first and only tattoo. David you are on my wrist I see you everyday.. and will continue to listen to your messages thru music every day
Thank You for being David Bowie,

DAVID BOWIE IS..............................................

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