Thank you for everything

January 10, 2016.
David Bowie died peacefully, surrounded by his family, after an 18-month battle with cancer...
The first time I saw David Bowie was in Labyrinth, it was a movie my father would play very often since I was around 5. Of course, I didn’t know anything about him, but I knew there was something in him that made me so intrigued.
Fast forward to 6th grade, I’m watching this Coca-Cola ad that has the song Heroes in it. I fall in love with it, search it up, and come up with the same actor who played King Jareth in Labyrinth. Even better, I was obsessed with 70s and 80s music at that time, so it was pleasing to see he had collaborated with Queen for Under Pressure, one of my favorite songs up to this day. I’ve been listening to his music ever since, and even now, he still has not disappointed me.
You’ve made such a great impact in my life, from the music I enjoy to my understanding of life to my open mindedness to always try new things and keep evolving to become better. David Bowie, you are a legend. You’ve touched souls and hearts and you’ve blown our minds with your music. Thank you.
A great legend has been lost, but not forgotten. You might be gone, but you will remain in your family’s, friends’, and fans’ hearts. I love you, David.

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